REALIT Aluminum Profile Systems

The aluminum profile factory “Realit” is one of the five leading companies specializing in the extrusion of aluminum profiles. The plant is equipped with the most modern equipment with a high level of mechanization and automation of production processes, ranging from casting, extrusion, painting and ending with aluminum profile packaging lines.

RF 50 Mullion/Transom Facade

Classic facade series, which has a wide range of applications and is intended for the manufacture of translucent vertical and inclined structures of any complexity.

RI 50 “Cold” Windows and Doors

A series for architectural external and internal buildings without a thermal break: for various types of windows, doors, entrances, shop windows, partitions, etc.

RW 64 “Warm» Windows and Doors

Designed for external and internal architectural development focused on thermal and sound insulation. The system employs a combination of two aluminium profiles interconnected with a polyamide thermal break.

Water and air tightness is ensured through the use of special seals made of EPDM synthetic rubber.

New balcony series RI 40 BG

This series is designed for glazing of balconies, loggias, and balcony spans of high-rise buildings.

Glazing protects balconies and loggias from precipitation, wind, dust, improving heat and sound insulation of premises.

RF 50 RR Transom/Transom Facade

An economical version of the classic facade series RF 50, which allows the construction of flat vertical translucent enclosing structures.

This series is technological, easy to manufacture and install.