Parts for Insect Screens

The SKS-Stakusit insect screen is applicable to most PVC, wooden and aluminum profiles. The system is a mesh stretched over the frame and can be installed using mounting brackets or hinges on windows and doors with a maximum width of 1600 mm and a maximum height of 2200 mm. The Profilia aluminum frame profile is made using extrusion technology.
The outer surface of the profile is protected with a special coating of white or brown color.

The mesh fabric is made of fiberglass with a protective PVC coating, supplied in rolls of 30 running meters.

The company’s range includes a variety of options for insect screens:

  • pet safe screen extra strong due to a larger diameter of the threads, Pet Screen is highly resistant to the claws of animals;
  • pollen screen a mesh of the thinnest polyester threads that form incredibly small, high-density cells. Additionally, the polyester thread has a non-uniform fibrous structure that catches dust and pollen;
  • standard insect screen of ultra-tiny fiberglass cells protects the house from any insects.

The system also includes a rubber cord with a longitudinal hole and serrated section, corner connectors, middle crossbar connectors, mounting hardware, handles and hinges, as well as reinforced corners, top/bottom fasteners and painted metal handles.